Many runner ran in the park even in winter.(The Way toTOKYO Marathon19)


TOKYO Marathon is 52days away!!


Many runner ran in the park even in winter.

In Japan it has been become colder.Minimum temperature is about 4℃.Maximum temperature is about 11℃.In summer I ran after my work because it was hot weather.But in winter it was so cold that I could not run.The running event(30km run) is next week.I thought I should run.I decided to run a little.

When I went to the park,there were a lot of runner.I was surprised at seeing them.Marathon is a winter sport,I remember. I don’t want to lose them.I will increase running practice.


I will bring Wi-Fi device to connect network.

I bought iPhone6S plus.iPhone6S plus is too large to bring when I am running.So I use iPhone5S when I am running.iPhone5S doesn’t have network because there is no UIM card in my iPhone5S.I want to check in the park when I am running in yelp and up load movie in vine.I will bring Wi-Fi device when I am running.

my yelp profile

my vine profile


Nike+ records 16/1/7



Garimin ForeAthlete 225J heartbeat 16/1/7

garmin garmin




Dinner records 16/1/7



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