Nike+ wrist band wipes the sweat off,it cotribute my confortable running.


(The Way to OSAKA Marathon33)

What tools do I use?

  • GPS watch Garmin ForeAthlete 15J
  • Nike wrist band
  • i pod nano 16GB
  • Nike cap
  • Xtreme Mac iphone cover for running
  • adidas poach
  • UP(jawbone)
  • iphone5S
  • nike+
  • wear
  • sports drink

Nike wrist band

Today’s tool is Nike wrist band.When I am runnning I have a lot of sweat from my head.Sometimes it disturb my eyesight.So I use Nike wrist band,to wipe the sweat off.You think why don’t you use smome towel?? Towel is difficult to bring.I bought 1 Nike wrist band package.It contains two.So I use them one by one.


Today’s run was about 10km and I switch the pace every 3minutes.

Yesterday I run 20km.So I limited running distance.I run 20km once a week at least.In other days I run about 10km and I switch the pace fast to slow every 3minutes.It trains my heart more than only running in same pace.