How to run 20km? Tool,Mental,Body knowledge are important.


(The Way to OSAKA Marathon32)

What tools do I use?

I use these tools.

GPS watch Garmin ForeAthlete 15J

  • Nike wrist band
  • i pod nano 16GB
  • Nike cap
  • Xtreme Mac iphone cover for running
  • adidas poach
  • UP(jawbone)
  • iphone5S
  • nike+
  • wear
  • sports drink

There are a lot of goods for run.But Every tool helps me to run more comfortable.I will introduce you one by one these tools.

GPS watch Garmin ForeAthlete 15 teaches your running pace.


This tool teaches me running pace.For Example “Speed up””Speed down””XXmin/km”.I always watch this info and I think what pace should I run? And this tool teaches me what time is it now?? This is very important thing.I always imagine the event (OSAKA Marathon)is what o’clock will I run?? I compare o’clock and I guess the performance.

to be continued….

Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/07/18