My 4 mistake today’s run

run 未分類

(The Way to OSAKA Marathon35)

What tools do I use?

Today’s tool is Nike cap.My hear was little long and it became summer,I bought it.This cap protects from sun and sweating from head.After long runnning(about 2hour),my cap was very wet. It witnesses cap protected me from sweating!!After running,I wash cap in the wash room.It is bad to wash by waching machine.I dry it in my room.It will dry next day and I can run wearing it.

nike cap

My 4 mistake today’s run


Today I ate dinner a lot and after 40min I started to run.First my condition was OK,but after 30minutes I had a stomachace.I shoudn’t have much dinner tonight…


Dont’t follow Group running

There were a lot of people in NAGAI PARK.They run by group.I run behind that group,I wanted to fight them!!So I speeded up…I had a confdence,but I shoudn’t do that.Full running is 42.195km,very


I forgot wristband…

I often forgot something…Today I forgot wristband.Today my sweat disturbed me from comfortable running.I realized that I should make check list.There are a lot of thing for running.If I make check list,I never forget anything!!

Vine didn’t start.

Today vine didn’t start..I tried 3times but vine’s camera didn’t start.I will end some application in advance.