ipod nano is good for running!! It gives me a power to run!!

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(The Way to OSAKA Marathon34)

What tools do I use?


Today’s tool is i pod nano 16GB

Today’s tool is i pod nano 16GB.When I am running,I always listen musics by iPod nano. iPod nano is very light and it never disturbs me about running.I used to use iPhone to listen musics during running,but it is too heavy to set my left arm.iPod nano is very useful for me.16GB is enough memory.I set play lists only for running.So I use only a little memory.I recommend you that you charge iPod nano after running.Music is a mandatory for me.So I am sure to charge iPod nano.

ipod nano

Today’s run was about 10km and before running I had some foods.

20km running in 2days ago is very hard for me.Because my body lacks calorie.So today I had some food 30min before running.It helps you run more.Please try.


Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/07/21