I run 30km Marathon race”大阪30k”!! (The Way to OSAKA Marathon67)

大阪30k 未分類

(The Way to OSAKA Marathon67)
OSAKA Marathon is 21 days away!!

I run 30km Marathon race”大阪30k” in OSAKA!!

This was the first time to run 30km marathon race.And this race was the biggest marathon race I had ever run.This race was the pre-marathon before OSAKA marathon Oct25.So the important thing was after running 30km,whether I have a power or not to run more 12.195km.


It was hard to run and I wanted more water over 25km.

Over 25km my legs were a little ached and my brain said to me “Let’s stop…Let’s stop….I thought this was the chance to practice to run when I was hard.So I switched my feelings and I kept running.I paced up from 25km.

This was the last marathon over 30km.

After this race,I don’t run over 30km.Because I should maintenance my legs for Oct 25.I don’t have impatience feelings.I keep my pace!!

大阪30km race 15/10/03

Nike+ record 15/10/03


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