It rained suddenly!(The Way toTOKYO Marathon5)

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It rained suddenly!(The Way toTOKYO Marathon5)
TOKYO Marathon is 102days away!!

It rained suddenly.

I thought it won’t rain because probability was 60%.But it rained a lot last night.When I run over 50% rain probability I bring umbrella in my backpack.So this time my umbrella helped me.I thought I should bring umbrella.


The other day it rained lot and I didn’t have umbrella.I got soaked…But I enjoyed rain running.Please check below articles.

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  • I run even though it rains.To continue running is good for your muscle. – Feel the plant

    I realize I like running.

    This time I realize I like running.After running I had a sense of accomplishment.I wish I run almost everyday.I want to go home early in the future.Running is my lifework.


    Nike+ records 15/11/18



    Garimin ForeAthlete 225J heartbeat 15/11/18

    garmin garmin




    Dinner records 15/11/18



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