I run even though it rains.To continue running is good for your muscle.

umbrella 未分類

(The Way to OSAKA Marathon53)
OSAKA Marathon is 51 days away!!

Today it rained a little.

I decided not to run when it rains.But I read article about running.Rest is necessary but you should run before marathon festival if you can.Proper running trains your muscle and decrease your tiredness.

So I decided to run bringing my small folding umbrella!! Fortunately it rained a little.So I didn’t use the umbrella.In the future I use this style running.If it rains a lot,I can use folding umbrella!!


This weekends is half marathon festival.

I am going to join half marathon festival.I should make my body good condition.So I care eating food and training distance.I never eat hot food like below.I never run over 10km before 6days away from marathon festival.


Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/09/3

Nike+ record 15/09/02

nike+ nagai park

Dinner records 15/09/02


What tools do I use?