I enjoyed rain running.The typhoon was going through Japan.(The Way to OSAKA Marathon55)


(The Way to OSAKA Marathon55)
OSAKA Marathon is 46 days away!!

The typhoon was going through Japan.

I couldn’t run because the typhoon was going through Japan.It rained a lot these days.But Today was sunny in the afternoon.I run after 3days. It happened to rain!!But this is a chance. When I was running,it happened to rain a lot.I thought the typhoon had gone.But it caused to rain heavily.


I tried rain running!!

But I thought this is a chance!! It is not bad to run during raining.It calls rain running.Many runner run even if it rains.Whoever can say Oct25 Marathon race will be sunny?? I practiced rain running.When I run during rain,the water attacked me and my eyes was difficult to open.I should wera sun glass.After running I always ride exercise bike,but Today I went to the bath as soon as I came home.I got soaked!!


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