I pray my health to Japanese JIZO every day.Let’s be grateful to running.(The Way to OSAKA Marathon51)

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(The Way to OSAKA Marathon51)
OSAKA Marathon is 57 days away!!

Today I was a little tired…

This week I run 4day.I was a little tired.But I run.I want to get happy feelings.Why does running makes me happy? I wrote this article.

I pray my health every day.Let’s be grateful to running.

I pray my health every day to a stone image of JIZO.There are a lot of unhealthy people.So We should be grateful to running.Do you know Japanese JIZO? I share it below video.

↓This is a Japanese JIZO↓

Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/08/28

Nike+ record 15/08/28


Dinner records 15/08/28


What tools do I use?