People in NAGAI Park run faster than me!!(The Way to TOKYO Marathon3)


(The Way toTOKYO Marathon3)
TOKYO Marathon is 109days away!!

People in NAGAI Park run faster than me!!

I noticed that People in NAGAI Park run faster than me.They run 4-5min/km.They run very fast.I tried to follow them,but I could follow only 1lap.During following them my legs ached.I think to run faster will break my legs.I decided that I keep my pace.And I run fast only in faster zone.

I wrote about faster zone in this article.↓↓

  • Let’s set “faster zone” in your running course.(The Way to OSAKA Marathon58) – Feel the plant

    Nike+ records 15/11/11



    Garimin ForeAthlete 225J heartbeat 15/11/11

    nike+ nike+




    Dinner records 15/11/11

    nike+ run


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