I run 30km!! This is the longest run in my life.(The Way to OSAKA Marathon57)

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(The Way to OSAKA Marathon57)
OSAKA Marathon is 43 days away!!

I run 30km!! This is the longest run in my life.

Last month I joined half(20km) marathon.And I realized that I should run more.Because my leg was a little ached after 20km running.So I took a time to run.I run 30km!! This is the longest time and distance.To attain 30km jog,I prepared below things.

  • water bottle ×2
  • jelly water ×2
  • candy ×5
  • running back pack ×1
  • ipod ×1
  • iphone5S ×1
  • cap×1
  • up×1
  • GARMIN foreAthlete 15J ×1
  • instead wear  ×1

During running I stretched every 1.5km from 25km.

Over 15km my leg ached a little.So I soonerly streched when I noticed acheness.I think it is important that to stop for streching is OK!! but I can run 42.195km!!

Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/09/12

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