Let’s set “faster zone” in your running course.(The Way to OSAKA Marathon58)

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(The Way to OSAKA Marathon58)
OSAKA Marathon is 39 days away!!

I set faster zone.In this zone I run faster than usual.

Yesterday is running off,so I could run better today.I used to run faster from the last corner of NAGAI Park track.I call it faster zone.Every time I run this zone,I run faster.To do this trains my leg muscle,heart beat.Famous running player does this.I it is just burning calorie to run slowly.We should train muscle,heart beat to attain 42.195km!!

I used NEW shoes Nike LUNAR GLINED7!!

I bought NIKE LUNAR GLIDE7 last Sunday.So I wore this shoes.This shoes supports my foot than usual shoes.So It is good for running beginner.This shoes fits my foots.

Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/09/14

Nike+ record 15/09/14


Dinner records 15/09/14

I didn’t took photo.

What tools do I use?