FIFA club world cup will be held in NAGAI Stadium.(The Way toTOKYO Marathon11)


TOKYO Marathon is 78days away!!

NAGAI PARK always changes.

A lot of event are held in NAGAI PARK.I often find the new sign set after a few days running.Today I found the sign FIFA club world cup will be held in NAGAI Stadium that is in NAGAI Park December 13.FIFA club world cup is held in OSAKA for the first time.I was very exited to know that.The famous soccer game is held in the stadium near the place where I always run.


El Nino phenomenon caused high temperature.

Tonight temperature was 13℃.It was very hot weather.El Nino phenomenon caused high temperature.It was easy to run.And today it rained a lot int the morning.So a number of runners was little.The park looked like my own park!! I’m feeling it!!


Nike+ records 15/12/11


Garimin ForeAthlete 225J heartbeat 15/12/11

garmin garmin




Dinner records 15/12/11


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