Running let me know my body condition.(The Way to OSAKA Marathon60)


(The Way to OSAKA Marathon60)
OSAKA Marathon is 37 days away!!

My legs were a little heavy..I couldn’t speed up.

These days I run a lot of distance.My legs stocks tiredness.My legs were a little heavy until 4-8km.I realized my pase is up 4km,8km,12km.I need 4km to speed up.So I should stand until that distance.

I couldn’t run faster in “faster zone”.

I could run faster in in “faster zone” on Monday.But today I couldn’t. My legs are heavy..I couldn’t my pace.I understood my leg stock tiredness.

Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/09/17

Nike+ record 15/09/17


Dinner records 15/09/17


What tools do I use?