I wanted to win!! I passed other people in running.(The Way toTOKYO Marathon8)

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(The Way toTOKYO Marathon8) TOKYO Marathon is 89days away!!

I want to win.So if I passed by someone,I passed him.

My pace was 5:45/km.So many runners passed me.They run 4:30〜5:00/km.They run faster than me.But I want to win.I passed them.My legs enabled me to run 4:15/km.I thought I had a power to run fast.


I wore gloves,so running was more comfortable.

In yesterday’s article I wrote about my gloves.

  • I should be accustomed to winter running. (The Way toTOKYO Marathon7) TOKYO Marathon is 89days away!! – Feel the plant
  • So I wore gloves tonight.Today’s running was more comfortable.In winter we should wear warm items like this.


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