Running high came over 12km!(The Way to TOKYO Marathon4)

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Running high came over 12km!(The Way to TOKYO Marathon4)
TOKYO Marathon is 103days away!!

Running high came over 12km.

It was hard to run until about 10km.To speed up was hard.But over 12km I became running high and It was easy to run.It looks like a car.To speed up needs time.I should realize this system.


Garmin ForeAthlete225J told me heart rate.

This was the 4th time to use this sports watch.This time I watched heart rate with frequency.My heart rate was 90-180bpm.Until 10km it was easy to become 180bpm,but over 10km it was difficult.I speeded up,I became 160bpm.It was intersting to watch heart rate.I will run watching heart rate.And I want to run 5:45/km.


Nike+ records 15/11/16



Garimin ForeAthlete 225J heartbeat 15/11/16





Dinner records 15/11/16



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