I ran for OSAKA 30km Marathon on 2016 January 16.(The Way toTOKYO Marathon14)

nike+ 未分類

TOKYO Marathon is 68days away!!


Osaka 30km marathon is 26days away.

I will participated in OSAKM 30km Marathon on January 16.I should run this time.I ate lunch early and I prepared to run at 11:00 AM.
Today was a fine day and Sun light was a little strong.So I wore a sun glass.I confirmed that running in daytime needs sun glass.

tokyo marathon


I became purple grade in nike+.

There are some stages in nike+.First I was a red grade.Second I was a blue glade.This time I ran over 2500km totally,so I became purple grade.It was just to change the color,but I was very pleased.I continue to run and I become more upgrade.



Nike+ records 15/12/20



Garimin ForeAthlete 225J heartbeat 15/12/20

garmin garmin




Dinner records 15/12/20


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