I run half marathon by myself.(The Way toTOKYO Marathon12)

nike+ 未分類

TOKYO Marathon is 77days away!!


I run half marathon after 42days.

In 2016 Jan I run 30km marathon in OSAKA.So I should run a long distance in December.This Saturday I had no schedule.I planed to run.I can run over 15km only in weekends.Because to run a long distance takes a lot of time.


Many people were in NAGAI Park.

I am often said “What do you think during running?? It takes a lot of time!!”.I answer I see people.There are a lot of people in NAGAI Park.I enjoy seeing people.Some people walk with their dogs,play board game outside,run,read books,etc…


Nike+ records 15/12/12


Garimin ForeAthlete 225J heartbeat 15/12/12





Dinner records 15/12/12


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