I started to run for TOKYO Marathon!!(The Way to TOKYO Marathon1)

TOKYO Marathon

(The Way to TOKYO Marathon1)
TOKYO Marathon is 112days away!!

This is the first run after Osaka Marathon.

I have rest for two weeks.So after I started to run my hip joint ached a little.This was the same ache before Osaka marathon.I should have stretched.I will stretch hip joint before running.

My legs were a little heavy.

I couldn’t catch up the woman who passed me!! I want my legs be better condition.

It was warm today morning.

These days it is warm.It was 18℃ this morning.But it will become colder.I should run even if it becomes colder.To continue to run in the cold temperature will help me complete TOKYO marathon.


Nike+ records 15/11/07





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    TOKYO Marathon