I was a bit peckish.(The Way to OSAKA Marathon56)

rice 未分類

(The Way to OSAKA Marathon56)
OSAKA Marathon is 45 days away!!

I was a bit peckish.

Before running I was a little peckish.So I ate jelly drink.But after running 6km,I was a little peckish again.Today I didn’t eat rice.Because my friends and many books say rice is bad for your health.Actually I didn’t be sleepy after lunch,but I was a bit peckish.I thought I should have sweet bread?? I am going to try.

I was a little tired.

And my body was a little tired.I thought I slept a little less than usual and I was a little sleepy.I should rest.I will rest tomorrow.

I have become to see many running people in NAGAI PARK.

The marathon race is 45days away.So I noticed more people run in NAGAI PARK.They were running in group.They run very fast.I think they run 4min/km.Please look under vine movie”Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/09/10”.

Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/09/10

Nike+ record 15/09/10

nike+ run

Dinner records 15/09/10


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