Half marathon teaches me a lot of things.(The Way toTOKYO Marathon20)

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TOKYO Marathon is 50days away!!


Half marathon teaches me a lot of things.

I run half marathon once a week.I will participate in the race 30km on January 16.I should be accustomed to running long distance.Every time I run half marathon,I learn a lot of things.

  • The beginning of the running my knees hurt.
  • During running in winter I often go to the restroom.
  • During running in winter I am very thirsty.
  • Yesterday I drunk a little,so today’s running was a little hard.
  • Many runner run a long distance on holiday.
  • I should my Wi-Fi device on during running.

    Nike+ records 16/1/8



    Garimin ForeAthlete 225J heartbeat 16/1/8

    garmin スクリーンショット 2016-01-10 10.10.04





    Dinner records 16/1/8



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