The way to Osaka Marathon 3

I run 9.78km around my parent’s house.I like this course.Because I can see a lot of people and their life.Some people also run,walk with their dog,on the way to the home,play baseball in the park….etc.So I’m not bored during running.I run under the high way,so the road is very easy to run.And bike also can run this road.I saw some man ride bike on this road.

My legs were painful after 7km running.I stopped and streched my legs.I think my leg don’t use to run long distance.After running I should drink milk and make my leg stronger.Futhermore I bought protein pawder”SAVAS” and I mix it to milk.This is good to make strong body.My friend’s Nakaji tought to me 1 month ago. I hope my leg will be more storong!! Oh….today there are no milk in my parents house….I drunk soy milk…Is  it OK??? I hope so.