Runing gives us happier feelings.

run 未分類

(The Way to OSAKA Marathon45)

What tools do I use?

Runing highs our self confidence.

Today’s probability of rain is 50%.And yesterday I slept less time than usual.So I thought I don’t run,Many times I thought these things.But I run.Because I have ever been regret that I run after that thinking.I learned `Running makes people’s feeling happier.`from rannning magazine.I agree it.I always recognize that running gives me self confidence.So I run even when I don’t want to run.


I saw a lot of people in NY run.

This summer I visited NY.I saw many people run and eat salad outside.I was surprised that many American likes running!! I thought many American is a little metabolic and eat a lot of junkie foods.But this is wrong.American people think health seriously and take some exercises properly,eat a lot of salad.Especially in Central Park many people run,rode bike.I envied them!!


Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/08/19