Let’s share your running log on website or SNS.You can get cheers!! (The Way to OSAKA Marathon50)

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(The Way to OSAKA Marathon50)
OSAKA Marathon is 58 days away!!

Yelp OSAKA community manager will give me a wristband!!

As I twittered OSAKA Marathon,Yelp OSAKA community manager Shuhei T offered me yelp wristband!!I was very grad to hear that.I decided that I will run OSAKA Marathon with yelp wrist band.


I drink protain every day.

In the morning and evening,I drink protain(savas).I want to strengthen my muscile.I bought big type of protain at RAKUTEN shop.It costs about 80$.It’s very high but I drink it soon…

I had a message in twitter.

I twittered about OSAKA Maraton,my friend in twitter gave me a message.「Fight!!」I was very glad to see it.I recognize that the more I gives message or info,the more I can get anything.


The winner is the man who keep his own pace.

Today there are a lot of running people in NAGAI Park.They run very fast!! My average time is 5:45/km.But their pace was over 5:00/km.When they passed me,my selfconfidence reduced…But I should’t care about it.I should keep my pace.In Marathon day,everyone can’t run so fast.Marathon is a very long distance(42.195km.)The winner is the man who keep his own pace.


Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/08/27

Nike+ record 15/08/27


Dinner records 15/08/27


What tools do I use?