OSAKA 30km Marathon taught a lot of things.(The Way toTOKYO Marathon23)

OSAKA 30k 未分類

TOKYO Marathon is 42days away!!

OSAKA 30k Marathon was held today.

I was participated in OSAKA 30k Marathon race.This was the second time.Last time I join September.

This race was a practice for Tokyo Marathon.And I learned a lot of things today.I will share you them.

  • I should decrease the jellied Gatorade.Last time I went to the toilet.So I had 2 jellied Gatorade intentionally.
  • I realized I could run 5:30/km.I usually run 6:00/km.But this time I ran 5:30/km.First I ran 6:00/km.And I speeded up over 10km.Next race I will run 5:30/km.
  • I got some friends.I joined making circle before running.I got the power from them.
  • How was that?If you want to run full marathon,I recommend you to join 30km marathon race in advance.


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