To run half marathon needs some tips.(The Way to OSAKA Marathon52)

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(The Way to OSAKA Marathon52)
OSAKA Marathon is 53 days away!!

Long run needs rest and mustle training.

I run 20km(half marathon).These days I run 5-10km.The last time I run 20km was about 2 months ago.Why I could run 20km?? I mention below.

I had a stress of on running.

I think these days the weather was rainy,so I couldn’t run for three days.I was a little stressful because I couldn’t run.


I had a good rest and calories.

During running off,I ate a lot of dinner or lunch which were a little voluminous.These food helped me run longer.


I trained my leg muscle.

I trained my leg muscle one another day.My leg became bigger and powerful.And after training I ate protein.


I had a time of running.

Today,I arrived home 17:45.It was soon that I started to run.So I had a lot of time.Long running needs long time.If you try long time marathon,you should make time to run.I recommend you on weekends.


Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/09/01

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