I forgot LSD running.I should run more systematically.

run 未分類

(The Way to OSAKA Marathon44)

What tools do I use?

I forgot LSD running.

This is the first time to run 10km for 1week.I forgot LSD running.My running is simple,run-tired-rest-run…I have learned LSD(Slow pace running),but I forgot it.I just followed other people and I was tired soon.This was a bad situation.I remember LSD running.


My MAX running speed downed

My MAX running speed was a little downed.I run MAX speed for 3min,and run slow speed 3min.I didn’t continue to run for 3min.I will make my running speed before.

28.5℃!! Hot running.

These days are little cold but still 28.5℃ in the evening.It was very hot.I pay attention to heatstroke.I often drink when I am running.

Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/08/18