We should need a knowledge of runnning!!

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(The Way to OSAKA Marathon47)

What tools do I use?

I bought running book.I realized that we should need a knowledge of runnning!!

This is the first time that I wil run 42.195km(full running).So I want to know about how to run full running.I bought two books.”ランナーズ”,”running club”.In this book there are a lot of tips of running.For example “What should I eat at breakfast of marathon day.”I will read them more detail and share the information.

a nation(music festival) was held in NAGAI Park.

Threre were many people to watch a nation(music fetival).So at the front of th e museum there were lot of people.So It is difficult to run.I thought I should check the schedule of this festival.


Famous players say you should run in paticular time.

Today I decided a rule to run fast in last section of NAGAI Park.Famous players say “If you run fastly in a paticular section,you would get stronger runnning legs.”


Today’s NAGAI PARK JAPAN 15/08/23

Nike+ record 15/08/23