The Strategy of cash flow game

cash flow game 人生

I explained cashflow game.Please check this article.And today I will tell you the strategies of cashflow game.Let’s go!!

Don’t care about cash.It is not good to afraid to decrease cash.You should try to invest.

cash flow game

To check stuck price and real estate.Check the cards that other draw.Don’t concentrate own card and cash.

stock market

You should to buy real estate even though you have debt from bank. Real estate profit is the key to go out rat race.


You should buy a lot of stuck.To buy real estate needs a lot of money,so you get money by controlling stuck.


To select low income job.You think “Why??”.But this is the key point of this game. People whose income are low are also expense are low.This game’s goal is to make passive income exceed expense.So low expense is good to win this game.You make money by trade stuck and borrow money from bank.


To think everyone get goal.It is bad to think only you get winning.Giving mind leads you to the goal.


Please try this strategies.It is OK to try one or two strategies.I think you will get winning in this game.Good luck!!