What is the cash flow game?

cashflow game 人生

I have played cash flow game until last December.I learned a lot of thing about finance and the winning strategy to win the game.I will share you these things.

cashflow game

Let’s GO!!

What is “cash flow game”?
Robert Kiyosaki who writes “Rich Dad Poor Dad” creates this game.We experience this book by playing this game.

What do you learn from cash flow game?

  • to know about estate and debt deeply
  • to know the meaning of passive income,and to want to do something earning money
  • to change the way of use money
  • not to care about wether having a high salary or not etc..

It is like a dice game to shake dice and move piece.It is decided that what cards should we draw depending on the stop point.Person who throws a dice can draw a card and should say about the card.We increase passive income by buying stuck or real estate according to the card information.

We set the dream goal on ②circle(named first track) For example to name a park after my name,or travel all over the world.

cash flow game

First Goal
If passive income exceeds expense,we could go out from ①circle named rat race.And move to fast track.It means we don’t need to work.This is difficult,but I’ll show you the strategies in this article.

cash flow game

Second Goal
When we reach to the goal which we decided,this is the final goal.

Do you understand this game?
OK!! Then I’ll show you the strategy next article.

Thank you!!