Fast and Furious 7

I watched the movie “Fast and Furious”.Japanese title is “Wild Speed”.I think original title is difficult to understand for Japanese.This movie is car action movie.So In Japan we call it “Wild Speed”.And this time subtitle is “Sky mission”.In trailer cars fly the sky!! I can’t believe it.Please check it.

For people who will watch this in cinema,I don’t mention the story.I only estimate this movie.
This movie is very fun and I’m not bored during in the cinema.Because the scene changed quickly and story is very fast as usual.

I should say this.Before this movie Paul walker died because of car acssident.So   his brother acted in this movie.And In this movie his face changed by CG for similar to Paul Walker.It was a little bit strange to know this person was not Paul Walker.Bless him…
Finally Movie is probably last movie.Because there were no story after end roll.I’m very sad,but thank you for this movie.

Fast and Furious 7
at Nanba city cinema
With Kame