The power of human

mostar 人生

Yesterday I wrote about Bosnia and Herzegovina.There was a lot of comments about my blog.For example “Your English and pictures are very cool!”,”I was wondering where the Bosnia and Herzegovina is.Thanks good for your map.” etc… Thank you for your comments.

I was especially glad for my teacher’s pleasure.She told me more detail about the bridge named “Mostar”.This bridge was broken by the war in 1993.And after the war it was recovered.This is the symbol of quitting the war.My teacher share the bridge movie in which the bridge was destroyed(under).

YouTube Preview Image

At the first sight this movie,I was very sad and very scare about the war.I think this bridge was the symbol of the peace of some people who have different cultures.To destroy this bridge is the very very sad thing and the influence of this is very large for us.

YouTube Preview Image

But the war was ended.Now we can see the peaceful sights in Bosnia and Herzegovina.For example this diving event.This event is that people fall down the top of the bridge.This is a very funny situation.
(under).But everyone laugh.I recognize the power of human to learn about the past and to make more good country and happiness of their country.In Japan ,too.It has happened a lot of disaster in Japan.A lot of people died.But remaining people stood up and laughed,and made their new life strongly.This human power is worldwide and I believe that this power will get rid of wars in the world.