Japanese restroom


My stomach is very weak.I often want to go a restroom outside.In Japan there are a lot of toilet in station,in convenience store,in shop etc.So I am safe about my stomcach. But in foreign countries are not safe.Becasuse there are a littele restrooms in foreign countries and I heard they are duty…I think Japanese toilets are very clean.Please look at this pictures.

toilet3 toilet2 toilet4

I am very surprised at this restroom.This is a Japanese subway toilet in Osaka not in HOTEL!! In Japan Japanese use restrooms cleanly for people who use it after.And cleaning staffs clean them properly.This is a good Japanese culture and mind. Additionally do you see this buttons??


To push this buttons toilet cleans hip and women’s sexual organs and plays sound!! Why does it play sound?? Do you imagine it?? When women take a poop,it makes a sound,and other people outside restroom can hear the sound,women are very shameful.So sound erase their poop sound!! I like this concern.If you come to Japan,I recommend you to
check Japanese restroom.