Bosnia and Herzegovina

ボスニア Bosnia and Herzegovina 人生

Hello.I have a DMM English Lesson every day.I was said by my teacher that why don’t you write your blog in English.If you do that your English skills glows.Let me see your English blog.So I write this article in English.But what can I write??Ummmm,I write about my teacher’s country.

She lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina.People who lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina don’t speak English.My teacher learn English in college,so she can speak English very well.So I speak with her by Skype.Anyway,do you know the place Bosnia and Herzegovina? I don’t know the place but I can find it on the map.This is the map.Bosnia and Herzegovina is near from Europe.I think it is difficult to go there.

Bosnia and Herzegovina ボスニア

The war happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1991.So I am afraid the situation of the country.But it is peace now, my teacher said.please look under picture.This beautiful bridge was broken in the war in 1991.But now bridge is recovered.And this bridge is world heritage which is the same category of atomic bomb dome in Hiroshima.

ボスニア Bosnia and Herzegovina 原爆ドーム atomic bomb dome

To have English lesson,not only to learn English,but also to know teacher’s country’s culture.It is very interesting for me.And I continue to learn English by using DMM.Thank you!